Monday, May 5, 2014

Campaign for SPLASHPAD launched today

The South Dundas Community Playground is pleased to announce that it has officially begun a campaign to build a SPLASHPAD in Earl Baker Park.

The group, which was created in 2011, piloted a community-driven campaign that recruited over 225 volunteers and raised over $114,000 in cash and in-kind donations.  The building of a  splashpad is considered as Phase II of that project. 

“When we started the playground project in 2011, many people asked us about a splashpad,” said South Dundas Community Playground chair Matt McCooeye.  “We couldn’t do it then, but we feel now is the right time.”


The idea of building a playground in 2011 was to create a place where children can gather and play with their friends, where parents can connect with each other, and where members of the community at large can watch their friends and family members grow.

“We feel the concept of the community playground has really taken shape here,” said McCooeye.  “The playground, the gardens, the park itself is used by so many members of this community on a daily basis.  It’s something we can all be proud it looks, how it was built, and what it stands for.”


A design for the splashpad is not yet complete, as the committee still has to consult an important group of people - the children of the community.

“It is important for us to engage all people in South Dundas, including the kids, “ McCooeye added.  “We want to get the kids’ input into what they want included.  We can’t wait to hear what they have to say.”

The kids will get their say as part of the ‘Dotmacracy’ when the committee visits area schools in June.  Once the children provide their input, a final design will be created.  


In the meantime, a fund development campaign will begin shortly.  The group believes it will cost $200,000 to build the splashpad.  However, through fundraising events held over the last three years, and the support of the Township of South Dundas, they have already secured roughly half - $100,000 - of the money required.  The committee intends to have the project completed by the end of 2014.